Project Pehachan cited

Project Pehachan cited

Project Pehachan (Identity) for Rehabilitation of Beggars was cited by N. Sreenivasan in his paper “Money doesn’t begets money”.

Abstract of the Paper

Poverty and Begging are two major social problems. Middle income group businessmen too fail to earn and becomes poor over a period of 5 or 10 years. Mere Money with the Government of Central Bank doesn’t beget money to the poor and to the Beggars. Millennium Development Goals and Agenda 21 achieveements are in the mid way and the deadline is the year 2015. Though the percentage of Poverty in India is gradually decreasing, the Poor and the Beggars still remain in all States due to gaps in policies and implementations. There are two types of Beggars. Both the uneducated poor and the beggars are aware of different types of Money. The lower denominations of coins were withdrawn. Labour are aware of decreasing power of their earned wages and some are prepared for ‘food, accommodation’ and other alternative payments. Some State Governments have undertaken ‘Rehabilitation of Beggars’. ADB Strategies for Poverty Reduction and rehabilitation of Beggars were mentioned Concepts of Sustainability and research findings are modified as a proposed Strategy. To conclude effective implementation of these strategies, beget money to both beggars and to the poor.

For Full Paper go to “Money doesn’t begets money”.

N. Sreenivasan is Director, Global Economists & Management Scientists

Excerpt from the Paper mentioning Project Pehachan

Excerpt from N. Sreenivasan's paper on 'Money doesn't begets money'
Excerpt from N. Sreenivasan's paper on 'Money doesn't begets money'

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  1. Dear Sir,

    We are doing study on beggars’, which also aims to come up with suggesting some interventions to rehab beggars. I would like to discuss our broad findings and take your inputs on our proposed programme.

    Let me know appropriate mode to discuss and time for the same.



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