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Learning through games

The article Learning through games by Vijoy Prakash was published in Student Corner in Jagran Yahoo. There are many games you play in your due course of activities. But have you ever thought about learning with games? For example, there are many children love playing cricket. Is it possible to learn from Cricket? Let us see… In […]

Media Reports Musahars Rat Farming Underprivileged

Coverage on Rat Farming

BBC News Read BBC on Rat Farming: August 13, 2008 by Amarnath Tewary Mr Prakash says his proposals to popularise rat meat eating are intended to uplift their social-economic condition. “There are twin advantages of this proposal. First, we can save about half of our food grain stocks by catching and eating rats and secondly […]

Media Reports Musahars Rat Farming Underprivileged

Rat Farming in Food & Wine Magazine

The issue of rat eating is discussed in this article The Ubiquitous Rat by Pam Brunning in the Food & Wine Magazine of International Wine and Food Society (IW & FS). “Rat meat is a healthy alternative to rice and grains,” Vijay Prakash of the Bihar state welfare department told a press conference in Patna […]

Media Reports Rehabilitation of Beggars Underprivileged

Project Pehachan cited

Project Pehachan (Identity) for Rehabilitation of Beggars was cited by N. Sreenivasan in his paper “Money doesn’t begets money”. Abstract of the Paper Poverty and Begging are two major social problems. Middle income group businessmen too fail to earn and becomes poor over a period of 5 or 10 years. Mere Money with the Government of […]

Media Reports Musahars Rat Farming Underprivileged

Hindustan : Rat farming

His idea on rat farming was ranked above Obama, McCain, Hillary, Sarah Palin, Oprah as the “world’s stupidest statement award” of 2008. Dennis Avery considers his idea on “rat farming” to be the best “non-science” solution to issues of global food scarcity. Dennis T. Avery, is a senior fellow with the Hudson Institute in […]

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