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सृजनगीत गाएँ

सृजनगीत गाएँ सृजनगीत गाएँ नव वर्ष में हम सृजनगीत गाएँ । हर क्षण नया हो हर पल नया हो सब कोई यहाँ तो सृजन कर रहा हो सृजन की तो ऐसी धारा बहाएँ सृजनगीत गाएँ सृजनगीत गाएँ। हरेक व्यक्ति शिक्षु हरेक व्यक्ति शिक्षक लर्निंग समाज सृजनता का पोषक अब ऐसा समाज बना के दिखाएँ सृजनगीत […]

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Broadstreaming, not Mainstreaming

‘Broadstreaming, not Mainstreaming’ – An Approach towards Solutions for Inclusive Development was delivered at XLRI, Jamshedpur as inaugural address in the conference on ‘Solutions to Inclusive Development’ on January 29, 2010. Download the presentation. Broadstreaming, Not Mainstreaming    

APCL Broadstreaming Education Education Education for Democracy Musahars Organisations Underprivileged

Right to Education for underprivileged

Project Background and Description In 2004-06, APCL had run a project with CEF on ‘Education for Democracy’. In this project, it was found that there was a need to orient learning systems to take care of the socio-cultural context of the underprivileged. For this purpose, it would be better to have laboratories in different subjects, […]

Broadstreaming Education Education Education for Democracy Musahars Presentations Publications Underprivileged

Educating Underprivileged – Some critical concerns

Despite several alluring programmes and incentives in the form of cash and kinds, majority of underprivileged and poor children prefer not to go to school. Even if they do, they don’t continue there. Is it because they don’t understand the value of education or the interventions are not attractive enough to retain them in school? […]

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