Month: April 2009

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Read stories from the first day

(Excerpt from the book Creative Learning by Vijoy Prakash) One of the interesting findings of researches on learning is that the child should be exposed to reading books from quite early in life. This process should start as early as possible without even waiting for the child to show responses to the stimuli. Now it […]

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Dining Time Interaction

(Excerpt from the book Creative Learning by Vijoy Prakash) Dining time is another great occasion for learning. Dining together in a family situation is helpful not only in binding the family together, it helps in understanding likes and dislikes of family members also. It is also useful in effecting emotional closeness among family members. Traditionally, […]

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Interact with children during bedtime

(Excerpt from the book Creative Learning by Vijoy Prakash) When young infants go to bed, they expect their parents to be with them. This is a good occasion to interact with them. It has been seen that songs and stories narrated to them at this time have great impact on the development of their brains. […]

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Develop family as the first school

(Excerpt from the book Creative Learning by Vijoy Prakash) Family is said to be the first school, but we have done little to develop it as the first school. Swami Dayanand had identified father, mother and teacher to be the three pillars of education of a child. In Satpatha Brahman it was said, matriman pitrimanaachryavan […]

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Learning through games

The article Learning through games by Vijoy Prakash was published in Student Corner in Jagran Yahoo. There are many games you play in your due course of activities. But have you ever thought about learning with games? For example, there are many children love playing cricket. Is it possible to learn from Cricket? Let us see… In […]

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Why children do not perform well?

When children do not get good grades in any subject or are not able to perform up to our expectation, we often chide and goad them to work harder in the subject. Is it the right way to assess and motivate the child? Experiences at School of Creative Learning have shown that the issue of […]

Musahars Rat Farming Underprivileged

More Comments on Rat Farming

Rats–coming to your grocers soon!  by John Wood Sr OpEd News I personally think Mr Prakash has a noble idea–another good source of cheap protein is invaluable, especially considering how many of the worlds millions live on the edge of starvation. I truly hope that his endeavors are successful, and that his visionary idea spreads across […]

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Coverage on Rat Farming

BBC News Read BBC on Rat Farming: August 13, 2008 by Amarnath Tewary Mr Prakash says his proposals to popularise rat meat eating are intended to uplift their social-economic condition. “There are twin advantages of this proposal. First, we can save about half of our food grain stocks by catching and eating rats and secondly […]

Media Reports Musahars Rat Farming Underprivileged

Rat Farming in Food & Wine Magazine

The issue of rat eating is discussed in this article The Ubiquitous Rat by Pam Brunning in the Food & Wine Magazine of International Wine and Food Society (IW & FS). “Rat meat is a healthy alternative to rice and grains,” Vijay Prakash of the Bihar state welfare department told a press conference in Patna […]


Gamma-Rays from rotating black holes

Abstract The gamma-ray luminosity due to the decay of pions produced during spherical accretion onto rotating black holes has been calculated. The model consists of a Kerr black hole of arbitrary angular momentum surrounded by interstellar gas consisting of completely ionized hydrogen atoms. There is an 80% increase in flux as we go from Schwarzschild to […]

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Right to Education for underprivileged

Project Background and Description In 2004-06, APCL had run a project with CEF on ‘Education for Democracy’. In this project, it was found that there was a need to orient learning systems to take care of the socio-cultural context of the underprivileged. For this purpose, it would be better to have laboratories in different subjects, […]

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