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Learning History Creatively

This paper was presented in a programme of Training of teachers in Department of History, Patna University organised by Academic Staff College, Patna in 2005.

It is often said that we learn Historians and not History. We learn their observations, their findings and their conclusion. It reflects author’s perceptions, ideology and his/her method of analysis. It is highly subjective. That is why different historians present the same facts in divergent ways. Their conclusions are generally different and at times contradictory. All this has been a major cause of serious controversies in the academic world. Thus there is an urgent need to look into the methodologies of teaching and learning history. The real question is how can we develop the science of learning history free from biases and prejudices. In this paper we shall analyse how we can make the teaching and learning of history more scientific keeping in view the requirement of changing times.

Education in new socio-economic order

21st century has brought with it a new socio-economic order in the world. Explosion of information technology has reduced the world into a global village. Distances have become immaterial. The demolition of WTC tower at New York, USA was shown throughout the world almost instantaneously. Today the needs of one part of the world can be met by the people of the other part. So the development in one part immediately affects the other part of the globe. Last century saw Quality and Management as important factors for the growth of any community or group. Today situation is changing very fast. Every three months we have something new in a computer. A new computer design can immediately reach to all corners of the world. So unless we are able to make new designs at a very fast rate, we shall be out of market. In the emerging socio-economic scenario it is creativity that will empower a society to take lead in the growth pattern. Continue reading Learning History Creatively